Raiding Times

  • Wednesday: 12am – 3am Server Time (Mandatory)
  • Thursday: 12am – 3am Server Time (Mandatory)
  • Monday: 12am – 3am Server Time (Optional Farm)

What is Expected of You?

  • Mandatory attendance for Wednesday and Thursday raids (let an officer know ahead of time if you can’t show up)
  • Steady progression on your Artifact Traits if you have yet to cap 54 traits
  • Show up to battle armed with Food/Flasks/Pots
  • Reading up on progression bosses ahead of raids
  • Willingness to undergo a trial period of 2-3 weeks
  • Be adept at playing your class


How long will you take to review my application?

Our recruitment officers will revert to you within the next 1-2 days.

Who can I speak with if I have further questions?

Contact any of our Officers via chat at Icycle#1743, ikx#11685, hostagefour#1703, Bloodmagix#6833. Alternatively, you can reach us directly on Discord at Bloodmagix`#0364, ikx#3665

Do you Universal accept casuals?

You don’t always have to be Mythic-ready to join Universal, we also take in Casuals that get involved in our Mythic+ groups, non-Mythic raids, old tier runs, etc. This also applies to Recruits that are of a lower item level or are less progressed then we are.

We will accept Recruits with the intentions of getting into progression raiding and is willing to commit time into catching up. For this we recommend you attend our farm nights so we can help you get the gear and AP needed. We are ultimately a Mythic progression guild so we expect Recruits to get prepared as fast as possible.

What is your loot policy?

We are currently deploying loot council for purposes of loot distribution.

Is there a trial period?

Yes there will be a trial period of 2-3 weeks during which your performance will be assessed. Likewise, it is the perfect time for you to assess if this is a place you want to call home.

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