Loot Policy

Universal uses the Loot Council system. This is a system in which the guild officers discuss and vote on how drops get distributed within the raid. Many factors can change loot distribution such as attendance, raid performance, previous loot obtained. The overall consensus is to gear up DPS roles first, followed by Tanks and then Healers. This order can change under circumstances like obtaining a last piece for a set bonus, BiS Trinkets, etc; any loot issues should be directed to an officer within the raid. Our goal will always be assigning loot where it is best served from a progression standpoint.

When rolling for loot please include any extra information in the Note window through RC Loot Council. This information can range from how many Tier Pieces you currently have, BiS list, Simcraft stat weights, etc. These notes will be most useful in helping our officers make an informed decision.

Required Addons For Raiders

As a raid member of Universal, we ask of you to install the following required add-ons:

  1. RC Loot Council
  2. Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs
  3. Exorsus Raid Tools

RC Loot Council is the add-on we use for loot distribution and is a must have for all raiders (read Loot Policy above). DBM and Bigwigs is self explained for boss timers and raid notices. The last add-on we require is Exorsus Raid Tools, which has a large list of uses ranging from pull timers, marking bars, notes for raid strategies, etc.

Alts for Farm Night

We welcome people bringing their Alts for our farm content but we expect those Alts to be up to scratch in terms of minimum gear, including gems, enchants, consumables, etc. If your Alt can’t pull it’s own weight and there are issues clearing a boss, we will require you to log back onto your main character.

Please pre-approve your Alts with an Officer before raid so we can sort out any raid composition issues. Split runs could also become a possibility in the future.

Trial Period

Upon joining Universal you will be put on trial for a period of 2-3 weeks. During this period we will evaluate your raid performance and determine your position within the guild. This trial period gives us a substantial amount of time to cross reference your logs with other raiders of the same class and it also let’s us see how well you deal with mechanics within the raid.

At the end of the trial period officers will determine the outcome of your application. This trial period can be extended if we feel like you have not been challenged enough.

Expectation of Raiders

Upon completing your trial and getting accepted you will become a full-fledged member of the Universal raid crew. We have some basic expectations of our Raiders which include:
  • Steady progression on your Artifact if you have not yet achieved max rank
  • Consumables to be prepared and ready before raid starts
  • Class knowledge of your class which can include anything from BiS lists, abilities you have that can aid in mechanics of a fight whether for yourself or the raid, upcoming changes, etc
  • Knowledge of fights and the ability to follow strategies/instructions (e.g. if you are assigned to pop Spirit Link Totem at a designated time or if you are assigned to personally deal with a mechanic such as Euphoric Orbs then it shouldn’t need to be called for you each pull)
  • The ability to analyse logs and meters to determine anything you might be doing wrong and improve on it
  • Some knowledge about your Off-Spec and possibly the ability to play it well enough for progression purposes